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Hi, I'm Rosan Jane Flores and I'm a certified dental assistant. I passed the the CDA examination in 2004 and have spent the past 8 years working in this exciting and challenging field. I created this site to help others interested in this profession and to guide them through the process. If you have any questions, please let me know. And feel free to post in the blog anytime!

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What You Can Expect From Enrolling in Dental Assistant Courses

The role of a dental assistant is to assist in the successful facilitation and performance of any dental procedure. In fact, most dental patients would admit that the dental assistant serves as the front-liner in catering to inquiries, complaints and requests. Thus, the dental assistant plays a crucial role with the patient’s satisfaction with the services and assistance a dental clinic provides to its patients. As career opportunities and advancement options as concerned for dental assistants prosper, the need for proper and rigorous educational and clinical training for aspiring dental assistants also become more in demand. Dental clinics and dental practitioners will already be competing against each other to get the best dental assistants in the area. If job opportunities are abundant for dental assistants, there should also be a match between the job requirements and the competencies of aspiring dental assistants. Thus, it also becomes increasingly important for any individual who aspires to establish a solid career as a dental assistant to undertake dental assistant courses.

In most states and countries, finishing dental assistant courses leads to a licensing examination. A dental assistant may be required after completing dental assistant courses to pass a qualifying examination prior to being allowed to practice in a dental clinic. This is to ensure the aspiring dental assistant’s good grasp of the dental assistant courses he or she has enrolled in and the readiness of the dental assistant candidate to handle the responsibilities and expectations required of the job. You can choose between enrolling in academic dental assistant courses or opt for the short programs related to the field. If you want to increase your chances of growth in the industry, it would be better to take continuing dental assistant courses to update and enhance your skills and knowledge.

Enrolling in dental assistant courses is expected to equip dental assistant candidates with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes suitable to carry out the different responsibilities aligned with their job. Nevertheless, before you decide to pay for dental assistant courses, you should also be aware of what your responsibilities as a dental assistant will be. These responsibilities will highlight the skills you should learn from the dental assistant courses. As a dental assistant, you will be expected to assist your dentist in carrying out and performing the dental procedures needed for the patient’s condition, coordinate with the patients regarding their complaints and concerns and handle the overall administrative operations of the clinic.

Dental assistant courses are expected to provide aspiring dental assistants with a comprehensive overview on what dental assistants are expected to perform during their actual stint in a dental clinic. These dental assistant courses are usually handled by experienced dentists. These dental assistant courses integrate theoretical training with actual hands-on training. You will learn from these dental assistant courses how to prepare the patients before each treatment, obtain dental and medical information from the patient and prepare the dental tools and equipment that are needed for the dental procedure.